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1. Why I did this project? (~7 hours)

I started this class on machine learning and wanted to get some practice using sci-kit learn and apply some of the concepts I learned. I also wanted to try some supervised training data concepts.

2. Dataset

I used a dataset from the machine learning repository from 2020, which can be found at This dataset attributes first names to genders, giving counts and probabilities. It combines open-source government data from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

3. API

I created a small API using Flask in Python (source code) and hosted it on PythonAnywhere. The API takes a name as an input using HTTP POST and returns the JSON result described above.

4. Web App

I finally wrote the HTML page you are seeing here with some JavaScript and CSS to tie everything together. The web app includes a form that allows users to enter a name and receive the predicted gender.

Tools Used